Classic 300 E Clusters

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Classic 300 E Clusters

With this new development, you will be able to meet the requirements of the animals with narrow teats on the narrow quarter. This is by

  • Increased and improved adhesion
  • High stripping quality
  • Increased throughput of milk
  • Reduced air ingresses, these all maintain a high performance and productivity

With the end tube, the weight is distributed evenly within the tube and little pressure is used to extract the milk. They are attractive and designed for effectiveness and efficiency.


ClassicPro Silicon Liner

ClassicPro the perfect Silicon Liner

The GEA technologies present you the perfect silicon liners with the perfect geometry. With the latest technology, such changes have been made.

They are of a light weight and a person does not face hardship in lifting them and in the same way, there is no weight imposed on the animal. They are a modern way to keeping hygiene and effective working.

The best animal contact

It promotes hygiene and efficient milking process throughout the entire time. The end results are preferably the best.
Silicone: No room for compromises when it comes to material and fit
This is the only material that is flexible to human hands and the animal udder. It generally helps in keeping temperature and hygiene of the milk. It is smooth and resistant to environmental changes