Cow Milking Robots Are Gaining Popularity

Milking machines are facilitating the modern farmers and helping them in milking the herd. Cow milking robots are one step ahead from these machines that could work with snap of finger. These days cow milking robots are rising as the modern farmers are showing great interest in these robots that could make their work quick and easy.

Farmers are showing great interest for these systems which are also called VMS (voluntary milking system) after observing the benefits like improved longevity and lower cut rates. They believe that these systems are best fir for their farms.

Working of Robotic (Voluntary) milking system

In this system cows are free to come to be milked and drawn by the dispensed feed during milking. Then this system start working.  This automated system cleans , pre milks, dries and even stimulate the each teat individually with the use of water, compressed air and vacuum.

There is inbuilt robotic attachment that scans for the exact location of the teat underside and even check the flow of milk before ending the milking session with the release of suction cup.

Why robotic milking systems are getting popular

These automatic systems are getting popular due to their benefits

  • According to experts these systems are better than the traditional milking systems as it is the open structure and have enough space for cow to see her surroundings, move and stand in comfortable position. These systems can be operated without human management.
  • One important benefit of this system is that it can monitor the health of cows and even can easily detect life threatening mammary gland infections.
  • It enables the hygienic and nutritious milking
  • This system saves the time of farmers
  • This system free the farmers from the milking process and rigid schedule and the labor needed for supervision or milking
  • This system maintains the milking consistency as otherwise it could be disturbed due to different timing , efforts by the different labor persons.
  • Even these systems are quite safe as leaves no room for injuries. The system automatically remove the four milking cups individually
  • Even reports have cleared that these machines can increase the milk frequency by three times per day so ultimately increase the milk yield per cow without giving stress to udder.
  • Use of automatic means computerized system helps in better herd management as there is greater scope of data collection like response in milk production after changing the feed stuff can be easily examined by the computerized data provided after completion of each milking process.

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