Double Bucket Milking Machine

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Double Bucket Milking Machine

The double bucket milking machine is widely used by farmers as well as domestic users for milking their cattle. Incorporation of exotic techniques by using the excellent quality components in different technical specifications, enable us to offer the machine at the very reasonable cost.



  • Less consumption of electricity
  • Double buckets
  • Consistent and prolong service


  • Sturdy structure with compact design
  • Excellent material quality
  • Reliable fast performance with hygienic milking
  • Efficient
  • Decreases the need of manpower
  • Pollution-free
  • Economical and ideal for small scale farmers and dairies
  • Guarantees hygiene and udder health
  • Consistent milking quantity
  • Better milk quality than that received by manual milking


We are allied milking machine manufacturer who meet the extensive demand of different dairy farms over the country. The double bucket milking machine is fit for small to medium size dairy farms that need different patterns and specifications to meet their specific needs. We help you with our high level milking machine that offers assimilation of milk more effectively.

Our aim is to help you producing better milk quality with increased productivity. The machine is completely eco-friendly so be rest assured of the safety of your cattle and milk. You will receive consistent milking practice that is pleasant to your cows and buffalos. Higher milk production with better labor management and less consumption of electricity are the significant features of our milking machine that remain consistent for the long term. So contact us today for the estimation of cost of double bucket milking machine to place your order.