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The Assistants For Economical Cluster Removal

  • Easy De, DeMax55, DeMax 60

GEA farm technologies provide the best cluster removal for your farm. It monitors the milk flow and yield. It also allows the ideal momentum for vacuum blocking which is good at the farm

Machines and equipment make the dairy farm or store smart and unique. It makes it more presentable and improves the hygiene of the place. Modern farms have depicted a sense of humour in the public since they are no longer like the traditional stores and farms

The general picture and view of milk as the best food and its products being the widely used ingredients in food stuff gives a sense security to people. The public is at rest since the farms are looking forward to improving milk and it’s processing

  • EasyDe Detacher

It is good for animals like goats and sheep. This is the wonderful importance of the parlour

  • DeMax 55

It helps in control of the automatic upgrade. This is with the pulsation system.sss and Stimopuls

  • DeMax 60

It facilitates maximum cluster removal