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Milking in the Efficiency Class:

  1. Euro class 800/800 and 800 RE herringbone milking parlours
  2. Euro class 800/850 the space saver

It is very unique with its different specifications. It is good for monitoring and can reach the rear ends of the animal. It helps in the following work;

  • Easy milking on the farms
    • Machines have replaced manpower in a number of fields and activities. There is proper flow of activities and the process can’t be diverted to allow mistakes. This has reduced manpower that at times increases expenses
  • Transportation of milk

The equipment assists in the safe transportation of milk and its products from the farm to freezers and from freezers to other outside centres.

The objective of making modern farms and milk plants is an idea that can show how developed a farm or a country is. The use of modern machines doesn’t only allow efficiency but allows organization of work and herds possible on the farm.

Monitoring and management of activities are at their best. Different equipment is designed for specific activities and they are executed in the best manner possible.