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Four Bucket Milking Machine

Every dairy farm has its specific needs and preferences of its cows therefore we design the tailored milking machines that can easily fit in your requirements. Our four bucket milking machine is very convenient to use and maintain, it is the best replacement option to a pipeline. The device is easier to operate and doesn’t need much attention so you can focus on other dairy tasks during cow milking by the machine.

Our machine serves longer than regular hose that needs replacement within a year. It is perfect for service for several years depending on the application level.



  • Nominal manual assistance needed. A farmer doesn’t need to concerned about milking his cattle
  • Simultaneous milk production and retrieval
  • High milking yield
  • Less time needing in milking the cows in addition of no milk waste
  • Higher consistency than traditional methods
  • Increased milk yield for each cattle


We have extensive in-hand experienced in manufacturing the milking machines that are widely used in the modern dairy plants. The device is perfect designed and built by using the state-of-art components according to client requirements.

We make the utmost efforts to construct the components that tenderly deal with your cow’s parts. This machine is ideal for service in the dairy industries. The cost of four bucket milking machine is much competitive that fits in your budget. So contact our specialists today to discuss your needs in milking machine, we offer the best suggestion that meets your needs. We will take the pleasure to assist you in choosing your machine.