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Engineering for a better world of milk

To meet the worldwide required technology and instrument, NK dairy equipment has provided you the best stair to reach the world mark in no big time. Have a chance to use the best instruments you needed before.


NK Dairy Equipment, A house of dairy equipment you can trust

We live in a global village where techniques and procedures can be acquired in the shortest period of time. Thousands of milk farmers in India need better equipment and machines to make big advancements in their farms. Make a difference today by getting them for better services.

As a House of Leading Dairy Equipment

Gea is the leading manufacturer and supplier of dairy equipment that are trusted by the general public. They can be used on the farms and as well as in homes. We maintain a high standard of quality products to serve our clients with the best benefits from them

A variety of products at one stop

At NK Dairy equipment, you can have a wide range of selection of bulk and portable dairy equipment. These are; Pipeline milking equipment and bucket milking equipment.

With the advanced technology used, we are able to manufacture the equipment that is easily used and operated. They can be fixed at your farm in the right direction to allow compatibility and proper movements

Milk can easily be contaminated and so, safety measures have to be clearly followed to prevent wastage and loss. We render efforts to all our customers in teaching them the right way to use the equipment and their protection

You can get equipment according to the size of your farm and the use you require them for. We can also fix them if you require it.

Equipment that is globally acceptable

Our main aim is to produce machines and equipment that are a consumer and environmentally friendly. Milk and its products are delicate food substances that can easily be destroyed in large quantities if not properly maintained and stored.

It is our objective also to provide the country with equipment that is animal-friendly. They don’t put pressure on the animals and the milking pipes remove all milk from the udder

The equipment ranges from small, medium to large sizes. They are able to promote and keep the quality of milk and other products. The coolers have temperature regulators to keep the milk in good condition.

Characteristics of the equipment

These are some of the qualities of the machines we provide;

Modern Temperature regulators

This instrument is a must-have for all cooling machines. The regulators are of a high standard and automatic. They keep the milk at the right temperature as you may need

Up to date Equipment

You won’t be disappointed; the equipment is the latest technology that promotes both hygiene and environmental benefits. They are widely used in all farms

Good quality and long-lasting

You also won’t have to worry about the capacity of the machines since they are durable. We care about what’s best for our consumers and we provide it.

Movable machines

You can transfer the machines to another place where you want to. They have wheelers to enable you to do this at any time. Bulky machines require manpower but they are easily installed.

With all the machines, we aim at attaining better conditions on our farms. Certain changes can be made as you may desire but you can find all types of milking and dairy equipment you may need with us.

Machines with all sizes can be acquired to facilitate activities at your farm whether it is big or small. You can keep a better hygiene and be part of protecting the environment and the surroundings

The milking process is automated which increases productivity and improves the health of the animals.