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Milking Auto Rotor Performer

As explained earlier, economic milking has taken a higher step because it helps in the accumulation of profit, providing quality milk and products and in the end, facilitates development. The technology used by the Europe continent is not just because they have it but promoting higher standards of milk and its quality

The above style helps the farm owner invade less power in the large and medium-sized farms. It gives space for the animals to move freely while the personal work is also made easy and effective.


General objectives of Auto Rotor Per former

  1. DeMax milk control units for automation
  2. Speedy entry
  3. 80 milking stalls are available
  4. It promotes milk metering
  5. Better standards at the farm and store. This should be a target for the current farms and dairy stores
  6. Easy monitoring and follow-up of processes and procedures. This, in the end, helps in record keeping
  7. Promotes health for the animals in the long run. It is because cleaning is easy and there is no pouring of milk
  8. Accumulation of profits in the long run