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Pipe Line Milking System

We offer a complete range of pipeline milking systems for small and large herd sizes. The full milking system includes milking, vacuum and cleaning units.

With advancement in milking system, the milk yield is significantly increased. Get a new pipeline milking system for your cow to maintain milk quality and her health. Large diameter pipes combined with a vacuum pump offer stable vacuum level during milking. It helps stimulate milk production and is good for her udder health. Advanced systems improve cow performance and automatic cleaning system helps ensure to maintain the good quality of milk.


Milking Machine Structure

Advanced Milking machines are highly significant to harvest milk from cows when manual milking becomes inadequate. The machine consists of claw, teat cups, long milking pipe, pulsation tube and milk tube. Teat cups are made from stainless steel outer shell that holds the soft internal liner. The transparent sections in the shell offer clear view of the milk flow. The vacuum pump removes air from a closed system, hence develops a partial vacuum.

Upgrade your milking system with our advanced units that offer the simplest and smartest way to modernize your barn. Our latest milking system boosts milker performance so operators can send more milk units.


GEA farming technologies are pioneer in the dairy farming discipline. We are well known manufacturer and supplier of GEA milking and cooling equipment, dairy design services. We ensure the easy installation, durability, effective performance and accuracy of this system. With our annual repairing and maintenance services we ensure the utmost client satisfaction and excellent performance of the system.

We offer the integrated product and applications of gea farming technologies that achieve the optimal productivity standards on daily basis with following features in the system


We offer the complete pipeline milking system for small and large herd sizes including the milking, vacuum, cleaning and cooling systems. This system has following core benefits

  • It ensures the economical and efficient milking process
  • It enhances the udder health and comfort of animals
  • It retains the milk quality
  • GEA milking system surge engineering for the better world and quality
 An overview of the pipeline milking system

An overview of the pipeline milking system


We offer the modern design and high capacity GEA farm technologies classic 300 milking unit, which is specially designed for the high producing cows.


  • It has durable design which is made up of high grade stainless steel and redel. It is made up of the strongest and longest lasting plastic in the industry
  • Its 300cc high capacity collection bowl can easily handle high volume milk flow rates
  • It enables the easy to see milk flow with 360 cc visibility and easy to clean feature due to its excellent designing without corners and with hygienic finishes
  • It enables the flow of milk rapidly due to its outlet with 22cc downward angle
 specially designed for the high producing cows

specially designed for the high producing cows


A good pulsation technology ensures the better udder health and increases the milking time.  It ensures gentle milking with the similar sensitivity as the milker’s hand with special linear design. Its best design requires no lubrications and has low vacuum milking feature below 40kpa.


  • It is designed according to the strict quality standards and controls
  • It is amply tried and tested technology with robust design
  • It has reliability and durability even under the extreme conditions
  • Less energy consumption
  • Puls rate and ratio can be easily adapted without changing parts
 pulsation technology

pulsation technology


GEA farm technologies ensure the reliable optimum performance and stable milking vacuum that enhances the long term udder health. Due to its precisely designed rotor and pump housing this vacuum pumps ensures the efficient and economical vacuum production for milking.


  • High capacity reserves
  • Tried and tested design
  • Durability
  • Single piece rotor ensures the calm pump operation
  • Gentle milking with low vacuum and high turbulences
 Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump


GEA farm technologies ensures the high performance milk transfer system that are easy to install and operate


  • Fast and gentle milk transfer
  • Inbuilt float switch and level controller that prevent any damage to vacuum system and pump
  • Enhances udder health and retain milk quality
  • Stainless steel milk containers with durability assurance
  • Pressure filter
 Milk Transfer System

Milk Transfer System


This modern system of GEA farm technologies ensures the optimized cluster cleaning via rinsing head that retains hygiene.


  • It ensures longer service life for rubber liner
  • Reduced battery levels on liner heads
  • Individual flow control
  • Modular design
 Jetter Pluges CIP System

Jetter Pluges CIP System


It is compact, clone in place meter with inbuilt sampling valve, suitable for head recording technicians and farmers. It is optimized to reduce the vacuum restrictions


  • Large capacity flask with options of 50 and 33 kg
  • It offers multiple bracket options
  • It has low maintenance
  • It is ICAR approved design and system
  • Easy to operate
 Milk Measurement System

Milk Measurement System